About Us

Meet Your Perfect Digital Business Transformation Partner


Hello, We’re ColibrITD, your next digital business transformation partner.
Here at ColibrITD, our team of experts are passionate about helping you unlock your enterprise data with innovative, transparent solutions. So, you can make better and faster data-driven business decisions.

Our innovative, hands-on approach will allow you to access new, more in-depth insights, so you have all the information you need to improve operations efficiency and take your company to the next level.

What Makes Us Unique?

Originally established by Dr Laurent Guiraud & Hacène Goudjil, we’ll use a hands-on approach to help you to achieve data management and digital transformation.

We strongly believe that kindness and customer-first attitudes are the bedrock of any successful project. So, we’ll go above and beyond to develop a close, supportive relationship with you and your company, allowing us to continually strive for excellence and achieve the best results.

As your digital partner, we’ll draw off our extensive background and talented senior stakeholders to encourage and support your company to drive digital transformation and rapidly grow your business.

Laurent Guiraud

As the CEO & Founder of ITD Solutions SAS, Laurent Guiraud started ColibrITD to help companies drive innovation with intelligent data-based insights. Laurent uses his PhD in physics alongside his passion for calculated risk-taking to future-proof companies by creating strategic IT strategies and growth plans.

Google Innovation Award winner Laurent Guiraud has a technological handle on the future – because he’s helping create it.

Hacène Goudjil

Hacène Goudjil serves as ColibrITD’s digital innovation agency director and ESN. With over 14 years of industry experience, Hacène is a seasoned expert at helping businesses develop digital solutions that work for them. He draws off his experience within the banking and market finance sector to ensure our digital strategies are designed to accelerate companies’ growth and provide the highest level of support.

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