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Quantum R&D Data & Cloud

ColibrITD aims to become the leader in Quantum Computing Software and Algorithm.
Our mission: Bringing Quantum Computing to All.

Here at ColibrITD, we’re on a mission to help enterprises to enter the 5th industrial revolution the Quantum Computing era.

We use the latest technologies to help you achieve maximum value and the highest possible return-on-investment from your enterprise data. So, you can make smarter and faster business decisions and have the insights and tools you need to increase operational efficiency.


Quantum Computing Services

Prepare for the future of computing with our quantum computing services. Our team of experts will conduct R&D to understand the surrounding content and your company’s needs before creating innovative and supportive software. So, you can improve how your information is stored and processed and achieve more efficient algorithms.


Cloud Computing Services

Our team of cloud professionals are experts with AWS and Google Cloud Platform. We’ll help you create secure and robust cloud architecture (including hybrid and multi-cloud architecture) and containers. Once we have the support in place, we’ll help you migrate your data onto the new system.


Data Analytics Services

Our comprehensive data analytics service covers everything from data analytics strategy and design to implementation and ongoing training. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make data analytics part of your company’s DNA.

We live in a quantum world.
Quantum computing is only natural.

Thanks to one hundred years of developments, we can control nature’s building blocks and finally have quantum computers. These devices are fundamentally different from their classical counterparts and offer astounding capabilities.

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Corporate social responsibility

ColibrITD is an innovative startup but it is also a company very involved in ecological and environmental issues. This is how we are resolutely committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We have initiated a process in these 2 labels:

Label Numérique Responsable

Lucie Label

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