Study on the quantum computing market / The quantum daily.

Ecrit par Hacene Goudjil

La magazine Quantum Daily a croisé les differentes études pour déterminer le CA à partir de la valeur générée par le secteur.  

The global Quantum Computing-as-a-Service (QCaaS) market is expected to reach $4 billion by 2025 and $26 billion by 2030 according to research done by The Quantum Insider team, a subsidiary of The Quantum Daily.

The figures represent an ~80% CAGR 2021-2030, driven by the realisation of useful applications starting to emerge midway through this decade. Investors appear to agree with the huge potential of the wider quantum technology market. Total disclosed capital flows (including SPAC funding) have totalled ~$1.9 billion so far this year (to end of July 2021), compared to ~$1.0 billion in 2020.


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