To reject or not to reject, that is the question

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Author : Phd. Nadia Milazzo, Researcher at ColibrITD

The story of a decision problem for quantum systems

  1. Quantum memories — Quantum communication
  2. Robust logical qubits, fault-tolerant gates — Quantum computation
  3. Digital/Analogue quantum simulators (Quantum circuits/Annealers) — Quantum simulation
  4. Quantum-enhanced sensors (atomic/optical) — Quantum metrology and sensing

How to characterize quantum systems?

The “physical” layer includes quantum states and processes.

Full tomography of the quantum state ρ: measurements have to be performed on several copies of the state.

Another protocol on the horizon

  1. Identify a prior distribution for the unknown parameters

New ingredients to speed up the decision problem

Sketch of the certification protocol in the experiment-limited scenario explored in [21].

Examples of posterior probability distributions and corresponding credible regions (the area under the curve delimited by the violet interval) in the single parameter estimation case (rotation angle). The dotted red lines represent the confidence interval given by the producer. From left to right: the decision criterion based on the 95% HPD outputs ACCEPT, INCONCLUSIVE and REJECT, respectively. The curves above were obtained with the QInfer python package.


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